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an unexpected exception for report AutoReport

Issue: an unexpected exception for report AutoReport

AX: AX 2012 R3 CU8
OS: Windows Server 2012
SQL: SQL 2014
Solution 1:
Issues is related to AXRDCE are often resolved by deleting the AUC files,
Steps for the same:
  1. Stop reporting services
  2. Goto: C:Users\AppDataLocal
  3. Take the backup of all AUC files
  4. Remove them from there
  5. Start reporting services
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Solution 2:

This Probably points to a corrupt configuration for the AIF services
What one may require to do is to Reconfigure the services by going to the Microsoft Dynamics Ax Configuration Utility and click the “Refresh” button in the “Connection” tab.
This should refresh the links to the WCF services.
Open the client using this updated config file and try it again.

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