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Deleting the Users in the AX 2012 of other domain


Unwanted users in the user form other domain when Database is refreshed by code and data in AX 2012 R3.

I have my VM as Dev.local, I refreshed the Code and Data by Production DB which is in Google.local domain, when i select the users from the front end of AX, it gives and info log as below:

Cannot delete batch jobs in the executing or cancelling state.
Cannot delete a record in Batch job (BatchJob). The corresponding AOS Validation failed.

AX: AX 2012 R3, CU8
OS: Windows Server 2012
SQL: SQL 2014


If we check then correct method is to find the Batch Jobs and then delete them first, however when i am deleting the users i thought of deleting the users from DB , since this will quick and easy!

open SSMS>

delete from dbo.UserInfo where NETWORKDOMAIN = ‘google.local’
and Done!

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