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How to Install Microsoft Dynamics AX on Windows 7/8 Without Domain!!!

There are Steps to achieve this!

1st Step:

As we are all know that AX can only be installed on SystemServers in Domain, let me show me how to get the system in domain.

First, Go to System Properties > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables > System Variables then click New.

Put “UserDnsDomain” on the Variable name. Put any value on the variable value. As below Screen shots->

Run Registry Editor or regedit (windows key + r), command windows will open type  regedit and press enter.

Go to ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ControlComputerNameActiveComputerName>> put any value on the value data.

Note: Playing with regedit may corrupt the OS. 

Note: After Installing AX, change your ActiveComputerName in the Registry to your default computer name. Use the Computer Name in installing the AOS (computer name before changing the registry.) then restart.

2nd Step:

Install of SQL on that system: follow the link.

3rd Step:

Install Microsoft Dynamics AX: follow the  link.

Post the errors if any i will reply ASAP.

Happy AX Infra! 
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3 Replies to “How to Install Microsoft Dynamics AX on Windows 7/8 Without Domain!!!”

  1. Hi Umesh,
    Thanks for your post. Please help. Facing issue on mentioning the user account for AOS service. It is accepting only domain username. If i enter like 1administrator then getting the error "The account cannot be a local computer account. Specify the domain account instead."

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