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How to pass Exam MB-700: Microsoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect is Dumps the only way out?

Well I made two attempts to pass MB-700 as in beta exam I failed by just 18 marks.
After the exam MB-700 came out of beta I made my Mind to give the exam again.
Yes this time I nailed it!
MB-700 Passed without Dumps!
I was so happy that I posted on my LinkedIn Profile, when view hours I got 10,000 views many people out there asked me how to pass or any kind of Dumps please help us, then I decided to post my experience.
Solution Architects for Finance and Operations apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 are trusted advisors who consult with organizations and implementation team members to refine business needs into a well-defined and cost-effective solution.
A Solution Architect is accountable for the integrity and successful delivery of the complete solution design. The architect provides critical guidance during pre-sales and design and consults throughout the remainder of the project lifecycle to address issues that arise throughout the implementation.
The Solution Architect must have a breadth of knowledge and experience spanning business needs and product capabilities. The Solution Architect must have broad functional and technical expertise as either a Developer or Functional Consultant role in one of the following: Finance, Manufacturing, or Supply Chain Management. In addition, they have extensive domain knowledge in one or more customer industries.
I Googled and Read on below each topic in details:
So It has Three sections on which your skills will be evaluated :
These are:
  1. Identify solution requirements (30-35%)
  2. Design solution components (40-45%)
  3. Define solution testing and management strategies (25-30%)

Let me give you each skills in details:

Identify solution requirements (30-35%)

Identify business requirements
• describe an organization including companies, divisions, and other entities
• visualize an organization structure
• identify reporting requirements, including operational, analytical, and externally facing
Perform gap analyses
• categorize business requirements and determine what gaps exist between current apps
and services and the proposed solution
• identify the functional business processes that must be added, removed, or modified
Define compliance requirements
• define audit requirements
• determine localization requirements and design a localization strategy, including taxes
and user interfaces
• identify regulatory and governmental compliance requirements, including data privacy
Define security requirements
• design a strategy for segregating duties
• design the security strategy and architecture for a solution
Determine licensing needs and costs
• evaluate the costs and benefits of solution options
• determine licensing requirements for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and
third-party apps and services
• estimate upfront and ongoing infrastructure and cloud services costs
• estimate the long-term costs for a solution

Design solution components (40-45%)

Design business processes
• identify use cases and business optimization opportunities, including upgrade and data
migration scenarios
• map requirements and business process steps to a solution
• select solution functional components
Design data migration strategies
• identify and characterize data sources that must be migrated
• design a master data management strategy
• develop a data migration strategy
• develop a data cut-over plan
Design system integrations
• identify options to increase return on investment by integrating Office 365 apps and
services and other Microsoft solutions
• identify options for integrating with third-party solutions
• select integration strategies
• recommend add-on technologies and services
Design solution infrastructure
• select a cloud-based or on-premises implementation
• identify required infrastructure apps, services, components, and features
• define performance requirements
Define solution testing and management strategies (25-30%)

Develop an application lifecycle management (ALM) strategy
• identify the available instance types
• select instance types for a solution
• identify use cases, integration points, and methodologies for implementing Azure
DevOps functionality
Recommend Lifecycle Services (LCS) tools 
• identify the available LCS tools, including Business Process Modeler (BPM), Regression
Suite Automation Tool (RSAT) and Regulatory Updates
• select LCS tools to support a solution
Define a testing strategy
• design a strategy for performance and load testing
• define a regression testing strategy, including what requires testing and the order of
• determine when to use RSAT, SysTest, and other tools and technologies
• define performance goals and requirements, predict transaction volumes
Few links I followed:
Few topics which I followed:
1)lcs project onboarding asset services update
2)automate processes to track inventory using dynamics 365 supply chain management
3)tracking business process test steps dynamics 365
4)system authentication in dynamics 365 finance cloud
5)tool for the performance sdk d365 end to end
6)distribution center and center data repository in the cloud d365
7)integration patterns of odata
few Question around Business Central, advanced warehouse dynamics 365 supply chain management; complex reporting in dynamics 365 finance
I faced  52 question in about 2 hours
out of which 5-6 questions came as true or false( note: if moved ahead you cant go back)
next around 34-35 questions was multiple choice
2 Sets of  6 Question each set of case study
How Your Performance Compares to Those Who Have Taken this Exam
MB-700 Skill
Happy Architecting!
Thanks & Regards,
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