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How to prepare for new exam MB920?

How to prepare for new exam MB920
How to prepare for new exam MB920

Exam MB-920: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance and Operations Apps (ERP) (beta)

Skills measured

•             Describe Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (25-30%)

•             Describe Dynamics Finance (20-25%)

•             Describe Dynamics 365 Commerce (10-15%)

•             Describe Dynamics 365 Human Resources (5-10%)

•             Describe Project Operations (10-15%)

•             Describe shared features (10-15%)

Details Topics are:

Describe Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (25-30%)
Identify general capabilities
 describe manufacturing types including Discrete, Lean, and Process manufacturing
 describe production control elements including bills of materials (BOMs), formulas,
Kanban’s, resources, and routing
 describe product master records and product variants
Describe warehouse and inventory management capabilities
 describe costing methods including standard costing, weighted averages, last-in-first-out
(LIFO), and first-in-first-out (FIFO)
 describe use cases for Warehouse Management System (WMS)
 describe purchase orders, item arrival journals, and cross-docking
 describe inventory reservations, picking and packing, replenishment, and shipments
 describe inventory counting and inventory on-hand concepts
 describe quality management capabilities
 describe warehouse configuration options including layout, stocking limits, and location
Describe manufacturing strategies
 describe manufacturing strategies including make to order (MTO), make to stock (MTS),
and configure to order (CTO)
 describe item tracking and tracing processes
 describe tools that can be used to manage shop floors
Describe enterprise asset management capabilities
 describe enterprise asset management concepts
 describe the work order lifecycle including work order scheduling, preventative work
orders, corrective work orders, and inspections
 describe vendor warranty agreements including full and partial agreements
Describe Dynamics Finance (20-25%)
Describe the Dynamics 365 Finance features
 describe use cases for legal entities
 describe how Dynamics 365 Finance handles regional tax reporting requirements
 describe cost accounting concepts
Describe general ledgers
 describe charts of accounts including main accounts, balance sheets, and income
 describe financial dimensions and dimension set concepts
 describe periodic financial processes
Describe accounts payables and accounts receivables
 describe core accounts payable components including vendors, purchase orders, and
vendor invoices
 describe vendor payments and settlements including three-way matching concepts
 describe core accounts receivable components including customers, customer invoices,
and free text invoices
 describe credit and collection processes
Describe related finance components
 describe cash and bank management concepts
 describe expense management including cash advances and mobile workspaces
 describe fixed asset management, and fixed asset creation, acquisition, and depreciation
 describe budgeting capabilities
Describe Dynamics 365 Commerce (10-15%)
Describe Dynamics 365 Commerce capabilities
 describe retail channels including call centers, Cloud Point-Of-Sale (CPOS), and Modern
Point-Of-Sale (MPOS)
 describe channel management concepts
 describe Distributed Order Management (DOM)
 describe product assortments
 describe customer loyalty concepts
 describe how Dynamics 365 Commerce uses Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to create
personalized customer experiences and provide product recommendations
 describe how Dynamics 365 Commerce uses Retail Analytics to provide centralized retail
data management
Describe Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection
 describe how Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection evaluates purchase transaction to reduce
fraud losses and increase bank acceptance rates
 describe how Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection prevents unauthorized account creation,
account takeovers, and fraudulent account access
 describe how Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection prevents loss related to fraudulent returns
and discounts, identifying the risk of loss to a business, and identifying anomalies in
merchandise discounting and returns
Describe Dynamics 365 Human Resources (5-10%)
Describe core capabilities
 describe compensation and benefits capabilities
 describe compliance features
 describe performance management capabilities
Describe personnel management capabilities
 describe self-service capabilities
 describe leave and absence capabilities
 describe employee training and certification features
 identify integration options between Dynamics 365 Human Resources and LinkedIn
Describe Project Operations (10-15%)
Identify Project Operations capabilities
 describe project-based services
 describe project sales capabilities
 describe project contract capabilities
 describe project pricing capabilities
 describe the project lifecycle including project invoicing and revenue recognition
Describe project planning and execution capabilities
 identify project features including contracts, stages, team assignments, and fixed price
versus time and material estimates versus retainer contracts
 describe project team management capabilities including allocation methods, resource
scheduling, and skills
 describe project schedule management capabilities including tasks, subtasks,
assignments, and project plan management
 describe project cost tracking capabilities including time and expense costs
Describe shared features (10-15%)
Describe reporting capabilities
 describe built-in reporting capabilities including workspaces
 describe options for exporting data to Microsoft Excel
 describe options for analyzing data by using Power BI
Describe integration options
 describe Microsoft Teams integration capabilities
 describe use cases for integrating with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
 describe options for managing documents by using SharePoint Online
 describe email integration capabilities

Exam having 45 questions, duration was 60 minutes

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