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Initialization of ActiveX Failed in AX 2009


Initialization of ActiveX Failed in AX 2009

AX: AX 2009
OS: Windows Server 2008 r2
SQL: SQL 2008 r2

Whenever we are opening an AX instance we are finding the info log error “Initialization of ActiveX Failed”. Please refer the below screenshot.
We have observed the error is thrown by the use  of an “ActiveX Gantt Chart” control in “AOT >Forms > SmmPhone”.  Our AX client is installed in Terminal servers (TS1 TS2, TS3). We use Terminal servers to connect to the AX. The AX instances open fine when the user tries to open an Ax instance in TS1 and TS2, but they find the below info log error when they try to open the AX instance from TS3. All the client connect to the same Application and Database.
We have observed the form  SmmPhone uses an ActiveX control and it is throwing the error. We are also not sure how much more form uses this active X controls. please suggest that what could be the difference in TS3 than TS1 and TS2 which is causing this error. 

Note: During compilation of the form we also found the same error.


Try right-clicking on the ActiveX node and go to properties. Find the name of the control.

Now we checked AX client(ts3) bin directory for the same control. 

We found differences, and on the other client locations (ts1,2).

We took backup of the file and pasted in TS3 and the issue was fixed after AOS restart. 

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