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SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Manager error: Invalid class

Today I Restored PROD DB to TEST DB for AX 2012 Feature Pack, After Which I Imported the System parameters which i have already Exported from Original TEST DB.
After which I started the servers of AOS. 
When i tested the SSRS, It showed error. I checked for SSRS Reporting Server, I showed an error “Invalid class”. I tested rest of the Server like AXDEV, or AX PROD was on list drop down.
For “Invalid class” check below things:
Open AX check any report is working or not.
SQL Server 2008 R2 and launched Reporting Services Configuration Manager to see if SSRS was configured.
If the SSRS report does not display and Reporting Services Configuration Manager also does not connect, Then solution is you need to start or stop or restart the services of SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Browser.

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