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How to set up auto log out in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Issue: Is it possible to kill AX user session after a certain period of time? Yes!

AX: AX 2012 R2
OS: Windows Server 2012
SQL: SQL 2014


Open AX> System Administrator>users
select the user and click user option.  In the automatic shutdown, fill in the time you want to shut down when left un-use. The default value is “0” means no auto time out! 
You get to it through the user interface of AX.  
Path: Administration > Users > User options button > Automatic shutdown field.

 If set at 0, it will not auto-shutdown.

You can update by code also:
Code is
static void Job5(Args _args)
    UserInfo            userInfo;
    update_recordset userInfo setting autologoff = 15;

If the user is idle for 30 minutes he/she should auto off from AX after 30 minutes can be done by above methods. 

But how can you do this for all of my Users?
Answers: Automatic timeout shutdown value is stored in UserInfo table. 
Here’s the sample job that you can run to set the timeout to 30 minutes for all users:
static void User_Timeout(Args _args)
    UserInfo    userInfo;
    while select forupdate *
        from userInfo
        userInfo.autoLogOff = 30;
Where to write the code?
Go to AOT (Ctrl +D) -> Jobs -> right click on jobs and create new and then paste the above code and run (f5).

Happy AX Infra! 
Thanks & Regards,
Umesh Pandit
Microsoft Dynamics AX
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