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Microsoft Azure (IaaS) Cost Estimator Tool Step-By-Step

  1. Download the Microsoft Azure (IaaS) Cost Estimator Tool from the Microsoft download Center
  2. Install by Running the “Microsoft Azure (IaaS) Cost Estimator Tool.msi” file to install the application on any windows computer that is on the same network of the machines you want to scan
    •  image Click Next on the Welcome Screen
    • image Accept the license agreement and click Next
    • image Change the path if you like or just click Next
    • image Click Install 
    • image 
    • Once finished, turn on the checkbox to Launch the application then click Finish
    • image The Cost Estimator tool will run in a different window space.
  3. Start your Scan
    • image if you chose Physical (Windows/Linux) you will  be asked for what type (Windows/Linux), IP Address, username and password.  You can scan up to 25 machines in a single pass.
    • image 
    • If you chose Hyper-V or one of the other options you Enter information on a single machine then click Begin Profiling
      • IP Address
      • Username
      • Password
      • Profiling Duration
      • Scanning frequency 
    •  imageimage
    • After the report runs you can View Report
    • imageA message will popup letting you know you can modify settings if you thing the values estimates are not accurate
    • image you can enter your own estimates for some of the data if you like.  When ready, just click Get Cost
    • image
    • You can change the calculated size of a machine by clicking the dropdown next to the machine. Notice the price automatically changes.
    • image 
    • Notice you can also change the pricing model from Cost Optimized to VM Allocated or Performance Optimized and watch the price change immediately.

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