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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

People now a days asking this question may be due to recent changes in their job roles or so…

So, thought of writing this blog Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations 

Finance and Operations is a higher of AX. Just is not just like Business Central but also much bigger ERP for more functionality, it has the capability to be hosted either on premise or in the cloud. Finance and Operations is positioned as an integrated enterprise solution. It can be easily connected with other Microsoft apps like their CRM, Human Resource, Customer Service, and Marketing platforms. In addition, it comes with modular capabilities allowing users to pick only the apps and features they need. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Business Functionality

1.       In Finance

2.       Organization Administration

3.       General Ledger

4.       Cash and Bank Management

5.       Accounts Payable

6.       Accounts Receivable

7.       Accounting

8.       Credit and Collections

9.       Budgeting

10.   Consolidations

11.   Cost Management

12.   Fixed Assets

13.   Expense Management

14.   Tax

15.   Audit Workbench

In Supply Chain Management (Operations)

1.       Product Management

2.       Inventory Management

3.       Procurement and Sourcing

4.       Production Control

5.       Warehouse Management

6.       Fleet Management

7.       Transportation Management

8.       Master Planning

9.       Vendor Portal

Main Benefits of Dynamics Finance & Operations 

1.       Use PowerApps and Flow to optimize employee productivity as well as simple integration to Office 365

2.       Enable sales and customer service people to have real time information at their disposal. Therefore, offer better customer service and drive more data driven sales 

3.       Real time at-a-glance dashboard that gives a high-level company overview 

4.       Adapt to a rapidly changing market with agile and efficient manufacturing operation automaton capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is a higher version of NAV. It comes with all the functionalities of NAV, but now users have the option to have their solution on premises or hosted in the cloud (Off course Microsoft Azure). Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technically has the same code base as NAV, it comes loaded with new functionalities and a more user-friendly UX. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Functionality

1.       Finance

2.       Sales

3.       Purchasing

4.       Inventory

5.       Project Management

6.       Fixed Assets Overview

7.       Relationship Management

8.       Human Resources

9.       Production Planning

10.   Assembly Management

11.   Manufacturing

12.   Warehouse Management

13.   Service Management

14.   General Business Functionality

15.   Local Functionality

Microsoft D365BC delivers integrated functionality to provide support for:

1.       Financial management

2.       Supply chain management

3.       Relationship management

4.       Human resource management

5.       Project & Resource management

6.       Warehouse management

7.       Service Order Management

8.       Manufacturing

Main Benefits of Dynamics Business Central 

1.       Provides easy financial management by connecting data across business functionalities like accounting, sales, and purchasing, as well as including data from customer interactions

2.       Has built-in intelligence functions that predict when a specific SKU need to be restocked.

3.       Allows the use of timesheets which help deliver projects on time and under budget.

4.       Can prioritize sales leads based on revenue potential, therefore leading to an optimized sales cycle.


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