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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Where to Start

Microsoft Dynamics 365 where do I start?
Well lots of questions, what’s app Skype Pings! now!
Lots of discussion over the round table and over the call!
Here is the answers->

Dynamics 365 general information

The first places to look for information and updates about Dynamics 365 are Microsoft’s official websites and resources.
You can find links to more public information sources and Dynamics 365 blog posts in the following article: Where to find the latest Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 information

Dynamics 365 Features and news

Over the past few months, 365 Talent Portal ran a series of Microsoft-led webinars which extensively covered many of the new Dynamics 365 features. These webinars are a great way to get up to date with many aspects of Dynamics 365.
You can find a written summary and a full recording of each of these sessions by following the below links. In each of these articles, you will also find links to bite-sized videos covering each of the listed sub-topics, making it easier for you to select specific updates or elements of information.
– Dynamics 365 structure and apps
– Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition licensing
– Dynamics 365 and Office 365
– Dynamics 365 and Cortana
– Customer Insights Azure service
– Demo: Bots and Cognitive Services
– The Common Data Service
– What’s new in Sales
– What’s new in Customer Service
– What’s new in Field Service
– What’s new in Project Service Automation
– What’s new in App Extensibility
– What’s new in Operations
– What’s new in Cloud Servicing
– PowerApps, Flow etc.
– Dynamics 365 Adaptability
– Dynamics 365 Key Investment areas for 2017
– Recent DLP and PartnerSource updates
– AppSource, Dynamics 365 integration services
– Prebuilt business processes examples
– Cloud versus On Premises
– Common Data Model
– Business Application Platform
– Flow and PowerApps
– Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Roadmap update
We will be running more Dynamics 365 webinars over the next few months. If you would like to be kept aware of the schedule and to attend the next ones, please register with us

Dynamics 365 readiness and training

As with all new products, Dynamics 365 training and readiness resources are essential to getting yourself up to date. Here are the main sources of Dynamics 365 readiness material you can find online:
Dynamics Learning Portal – if you’re an independent consultant who needs access to the DLP, find out how you can obtain it for free.
Microsoft Learning to keep track of the certification exams which are available and to book your exams online.
Dynamics 365 bite-sized video clips on YouTube: this YouTube channel regularly gets updated with new Dynamics 365 videos about product features, updates, demos and additional readiness suggestions.

Professional resources

In addition to training and readiness websites, there are many professional resources available online that can help you when working with Dynamics 365:

Dynamics 365 groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn groups are an another great source of information for Microsoft Dynamics. Here are a few of the most active Dynamics 365 ones:
Important links:
Happy D365! 

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