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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Posting Profile Concept

The posting profiles are the integration point between the sub module (Fixed assets, Payables, Inventory, Banks, Receivables, Project, and Production)  and general ledger sub module, it is a set of ledger accounts which are used in generated an automatic ledger entry where transaction occurred. We could select different ledger accounts for each type of sub modules transactions.
The application consultant working with the controller in several workshops during the implementation phases, in the analysis phase to identify the business requirements in financial directions, in the design phase to identify the integrations point through the posting profiles for each module, in the deployment phase apply the posting profile in MS Dynamics AX 2012 and get the user acceptance (UAT) by testing every transaction and ensure that MS Dynamics AX 2012 is generate the correct entry based on the posting profile setup.
MS Dynamics AX 2012 master data are designed to be contained a group for categorization from the sub module point of view, for example the customer groups are build up  considering two main sides first side is the customers categorizations for sales reporting (Business domain, Company relations, Customer size, import, and export), and the second side is financial direction, whether setting up the posting profiles based on customer groups where each customer group is mapped into a ledger account.     
MS Dynamics AX offers a great flexibility in posting profiles setups where the posting could be on three different levels as the following:-
 All  Any transaction occurred on any customers will be directed to the ledger account which assigned to all customer
 Group  Any transaction on a particular customer inherits the posting profile of the customer group to which the customer is assigned.
 Table  Any transaction occurred on a particular customer will be directed to the ledger account which is assigned in the posting profile
 The controllers have a common question during the design phase which level of All, Group, and Table is dominate over the other level, and do we can to assign customer to a specific group, but exceptionally this customer should be directed to another ledger account.
The logic of posting profile domination in MS Dynamics AX 2012 is working as the following, the lowest level is Table where specify customer ID is dominate over Group, and All.
MS Dynamics AX 2012 posting profile
For example: All customers directed to same ledger account, except one group is directed to another ledger account, exceptionally one customer directed to a third ledger account.

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