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Microsoft Dynamics AX Job Profiles for Freshers and experience.

To start with Job Profiles/Roles:

We have

  1. Microsoft Dynamics AX Developers  (Called Technical Resource in Microsoft Dynamics AX Environment/Company)
  2. Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional  (Called Functional Resource in Microsoft Dynamics AX Environment/Company)
  3. Microsoft Dynamics AX Administrator (Called AX Administrator in Microsoft Dynamics AX Environment/Company) 
Skill needed for AX Technical/AX Developers :
  1. X++
  2. MorphX
  3. SQL
  4. Oops Knowledge
  5. Reporting Tools like X++ and SSRS
  6. Management Reporter in AX 2012
  7. SSAS/Cubes in AX 2012
  8. Visual Studio
  9. Windows OS

Custom AX development and modification is done with its own IDEMorphX, which resides in the same client application that a normal day-to-day user would access, thus allowing development to take place on any instance of the client. Since the Dynamics AX 2012 version, development can also be performed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 through a Visual Studio plugin.
MorphX is an integrated development environment in Microsoft Dynamics AX that allows developers to graphically design data types, base enumerationstablesqueriesforms,menus and reports. In addition to design of application objects, it also allows access to any application code by launching the X++ code editor.
Because MorphX uses referencing to link objects together, changes in, for example, datatypes of fieldnames will automatically be reflected in all places where they are used (such as forms or reports). Furthermore, changes made through MorphX will be reflected in the application immediately after compilation.
Microsoft Dynamics AX also offers support for version control systems (VCS) integrated with the IDE, allowing collaboration in development. There is also a tool for reverse-engineering table structures and class structures to Visio. The actual implementation limits the practical use of both these features.
X++ itself is the programming language behind MorphX, and belongs to the curly brackets and .-operator class of programming languages (like C# or Java). It is an object-orientedclass-based, single dispatch language. X++ is a derivative of C++ (both lack the finally keyword for example) to which garbage collection and language-integrated SQL queries were added.

Contribute to the technical set-up and execution of Dynamics AX project work streams
Demonstrate the ability to work systematically and logically to analyze situations, resolve problems, identify causes and anticipate implications
Maintain regular contact with customers to anticipate, identify and respond to their needs and expectations
Prioritize work and spend time on most important, value-adding areas
Play a leadership role in estimating, developing, testing and delivery of the desired software architecture.
Monitoring the performance, quality, budget and time are essential and belong in part to your responsibility.
Establish test plans and develop customer-specific customizations in Dynamics AX

Minimum Requirements:
5+ years of Dynamics AX project experience preferably working as a development lead for at least one global/complex (multiple ISV solutions / work streams) deployment.
Working knowledge of programming methodologies, structures, and concepts
.Net framework, UML, XML, SharePoint, BizTalk
10+ years working with an object oriented development language
X++, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, .NET framework
Experience with Dynamics AX Trace Parser.
Experience with the diagnosis of X++ code tracing with performance analysis outcomes and recommendations.
5+ years as a senior X++ developer working with large development projects.
Experience with offshore management of large X++ development projects.
Working knowledge of database design and SQL (Query Language)
Have experience in estimating development effort.
Current certifications in Dynamics AX Development Introduction and MorphX Solutions Development
Working knowledge of Microsoft platform skills
Ability to lead consultants in various project work streams
Ability to manage off-shore development efforts
Willingness to learn in a fast-paced business environment
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, MIS, a related field, or equivalent experience

Preferred Requirements:
Development experience with other ERP products (SAP, Oracle, etc.)
Working knowledge of Microsoft Project
Industry-specific knowledge is a plus preferably (Services Industries)

Role/Responsibilities of the Dynamics AX Functional Consultant:
Since there are more than 15 modules in Dynamics AX, so it depends on person to get training or JD of HRM, T&L, Projects or APAR to name few.
– Collaborate with the client and project team to gather a deep understanding of the client’s business, business operations and business needs to develop requirements for the customization and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX
– Ability to understand, communicate, and interpret client business processes and requirements
– Perform gap analysis between Dynamics AX functionality and client’s requirements
– Assist in creating the different phases of the solution map for the implementation
– Participate in the entire full cycle of implementation, including quality assurance and testing of the new application.

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