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Soar to New Heights with Dynamics AX 2015!

The next major version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, code named ‘Rainier’ or version ’7′, should be released shortly in the first half of 2015. The general direction Microsoft is heading with all its products is ‘cloud first, mobile first’, with Dynamics AX 2015 being no exception. This new philosophy espouses a vision of increasing the productivity of consumers and businesses through better delivery and usability of technology.

‘Cloud First, Mobile First’

Cloud first in Dynamics AX 2015 translates to a new cloud optimized platform for both public and private deployments, but with an on-premises option too.
Mobile first means Microsoft believes that productivity is about empowering people and not simply enacting artificial technological walls that force people to work in predefined ways. Integrations between non-Microsoft products and devices will be such that there should be no difference in a user’s experience based on the mobile device they use, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android, or other type of device.

New Features We Know So Far

Key areas of improvement of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2015 include:

  • New Generation User Experience: Will be an attractive context-sensitive Windows 8 experience based on HTML5 technology. This represents a movement away from boring and bland ERP system interfaces towards a modern user experience that is light, web-oriented and intuitive.
  • Cloud Delivered: With a focus on ‘what you need, when you need it’ through Windows Azure and Windows Server. Azure deployment is impressive, with a full cloud environment installation taking only 60-90 minutes. For disaster recovery and development testing alone this is a major feature, let alone the simplification of production environments and reduction of backup servers.
  • Visual Studio and .NET Framework: The development environment will move to Visual Studio under the .NET framework, which will increase the consistency, experience and availability of development tools.
  • Best in Class Lifecycle Management: Irrespective of the deployment choice: cloud, on-premise, or hybrid

Stay Ahead With Dynamics AX 2015

The continued improvements to Microsoft Dynamics AX, with 2012 R3 being released just this past April, are appearing rapidly still.
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2015 by all indications so far seems to represent another quality release by Microsoft that contains quite a few new and compelling features.
If you’re planning a new Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation or are seeking out upgrade options then 2015 may the perfect version for you. Look for more information from Microsoft about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2015 in the first half of 2015!

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2015, Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Preview:

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