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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a modular integrated management solution (ERP) specially adapted to the needs of medium sized companies and subsidiaries of large companies. Rich with a wide-spread functional perimeter, Microsoft Dynamics AX responds to the challenges of production, distribution detailed sales, service and public sector activities.
Microsoft Dynamics AX is an international, upgradeable and flexible management solution (ERP) that presents several technological and business advantages, among which:
  • a greater facility of use by all actors of a company thanks to an ergonomic system similar to the one found in Microsoft Office products
  • an upgradability and adaptability linked to the integration of the dedicated development tool that allows the user to manage his or her own business rules
  • a comfort in simplicity and maintenance once the implementation has been realized: client teams are autonomous in order to maintain and evolve the solution
  • the entirety of Microsoft technological standards on which _ relies and which guarantee the continuity of the investment and the existence of competencies on the market
  • the combination of functionalities of a generic management solution (ERP) with that of a business oriented solution
Thanks to its design and adaptability, Microsoft Dynamics AX responds to the requirements of simple organizations (one company with one site) as well as more complex organizations (several companies with several sites in several countries), in environments able to unite several thousand users.
From fabrication to financial and business management, Microsoft Dynamics AX gives a company’s collaborators a plethora of functionalities and analysis tools which allow for the optimization of daily processes.
Relying on the known technological standards and adapted business functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics AX reduces the implementation of an integration project and receives rapid returns on investment.

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