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Understanding Opportunities in AX2009 – CRM Module

One of the nice upgrades in AX 2009 is the addition of Opportunities in the CRM module.  During a recent AX2009 -CRM module training event, it became clear that the term “Opportunities” doesn’t always fit nicely into the way some organizations think about their CRM process.  Here’s a quick overview of Opportunities and how they fit into AX.
One way to think about Opportunities is your Pre-Sales Bucket.  This bucket contains everything you need to create, develop and close sales deals.  Opportunities pick up where Leads end.  In most organizations it is important for there to be separate definitions for recording and working with potential-sales that are unqualified (Leads), and qualified (Opportunities).  In AX2009, Opportunities keep up with:
·Products being quoted
·Quoted Prices
·Sales Stage
·Associated documentation
Opportunities are not necessarily companies, and they can contain multiple contacts.  From AX2009:
When your lead record has become an opportunity record, you can start to track more sales-related information such as quotations and competitors. Tracking the competition for the sale can give you valuable information about how to win the opportunity and gain another customer.
When you manage your opportunities, you can also give probability percentages and prognosis ratings to the opportunity and track the probability percentage, or chance that the opportunity will become a customer.
As soon as you have provided quotations and the contact at the opportunity has made a decision, you can track whether you won the opportunity and the reason why you won it. If you have lost the opportunity, you can list why and to whom you lost the opportunity, as this information might be useful later.
The slide below illustrates how Opportunities and Leads fit into the AX2009 – CRM flow:

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