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Why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX over SAP?
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems has become parallel with business process management and data and so is the reason ERP is sorted most over all other business intelligence tools. 
Few of the most commonly deployed ERPs are Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP and others. 
Though the claims may vary from business to business, industry to industry, here are few reasons why choose Microsoft Dynamics AX over SAP.
Employee Productivity

Dynamics AX users saw increase in employee productivity and easy business process management.  The usability of Dynamics AX enables employees to adapt to the system and thereby benefitting the business than before. The easy to use and fully integrated business management solution of AX, delivers a holistic approach to the development of the company as well as of the employees.
On the whole, Dynamics AX delivered better ROI when compared to other ERP solutions. Also AX lowered the TOC (Total Cost of Ownership). Panorama Consulting found that Dynamics users realized the benefits of AX to 81-100% over other major competitors SAP and Oracle.

Self Service BI

With the access to information and tools, the productivity of the business is invariably visible.  The same also exists with SAP but the one BIG difference AX and SAP is that, SAP requires deployment of SAP Business Warehouse which requires its own servers. The case is the same with the latter.  They do not require separate analytics program or expensive add-ons.
Deployment Flexibility 
Business process management is always a never ending one and so are the challenges that are faced by businesses. Dynamics AX ERP Systems provide you the angle of flexibility of deployment, which can be further upgraded in the future.

Analysts have ranked Microsoft Dynamics AX, which strengthens the reason to choose AX over SAP.  Here are the few ranking of Dynamics AX.
Gartner, Inc>>”Magic Quadrant for Midmarket and Tier-2 Oriented ERP for Product-Centric Companies”
Nucleus Research>>Lead in its Value Matrix, which is based on functionality and usability (May, 2012).
Forrester Research>>Leader as an Order Management Solution (August, 2010).
Proven Value/ROI

Statistics always remain an integral part of in determining the success of a product.
Here are the key factors which determined the success of Dynamics AX over other ERP Systems.
Dynamics AX customers saw
% by/Months
Increase in productivity
Positive ROI
Improved operations and visibility
Reduced staffing cost
Reduced IT costs

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